AverageJoeBourbon wanted to say Happy Father’s day to everyone out there. AJB put together a video of a barrel pick he was invited to by Louisville Bourbon Club as a tribute to his father that past away 6 years ago. The LBC group invited AJB because of the relationship Makers had with AJB and his father. They did so much for I don’t thing they will ever realize how much it meant to him. AJB always talks about how special the men and women of the bourbon community are and when you see this video I think you can see it even clearer. Men and women always come together to help one another, and try to do things that mean so much to each other. It’s been amazing to to be apart of such a good community and is why AJB continues to try to promote community, inclusiveness, sharing, love, and fun through bourbon. To all the groups I’m in I love you guys, and tonight a huge thank you to the Louisville Bourbon Club. Please enjoy the video.

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